Favorite links to check out:

  • Zao Thusia - ALELUIA! - And other YouTube favorites from Marcel Ruja and our Romanian friends, continuing with: Zao Thusia - Jertfa Vie (Living Sacrifice)

  • In the Pakistani church they sing, Even if they hang me, I will follow Jesus ... based on Revelation 2:10 - "Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life." Learn about what is going on in the church Jesus is building: The persecuted church - the real church... in the 21st century.

  • Rachel A. Moore - former student; friends of Lone Star Music. Rachel, Larry (her husband) and daughter... all are incredibly creative individuals. Get to know them! Rachel authored a wonderful little book, Mistletoe Madness... available through Tate Publishing or many book stores.

  • Peace Ministries Intl - Longtime friend, Rudy de Leon (international businessman) invites us to visit his work assisting church congregations throughout Africa!

  • Ministerios de Amor - Cecilia Blanchet Pezet, founder of Ministerios de Amor is a long time friend; having been a successful international business woman, for the last 20+ years has been focused primarily on building up her community.

  • All Souls Orchestra - London; check out Prom Praise 2015 at Royal Albert Hall
    All Souls Orchestra Youtube

  • The Music of Persian Christians - beautiful modern and traditional music sung in the Persian community.

  • KJV-lite VERSES - including: Daniel, Revelation, Hebrews, Colossians... and many more verses shared in over 170+ countries

  • The PROMISES OF GOD to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - a simple essay answering: Where are those promises being fulfilled today?

    Amazing Discoveries - Exposing deceptions
  • The MOUNT OF OLIVES - a brief history of the place our Savior loved, and will return to one day.

  • The Birth of CHRIST - and then... He grew up! And it wasn't in December.

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